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  • I’ll say it again: since the SCOTUS intends to slow-walk a decision on presidential ‘absolute immunity’, Biden needs to announce RIGHT NOW that he’s dissolving the SCOTUS effective 2 weeks from the time of the announcement, at midnight, intending to appoint an all-new roster of his choosing, as well as replacing all state-level judges, also of his administration’s choosing.

    If the SCOTUS, on the other hand, suddenly finds they do have the time to make a decision on presidential immunity before that deadline, well maybe Biden won’t do it, after all.

  • Isn’t the Senate supposed to have a Marshall who has authority to haul people in who ignore subpoenas and the like?

    The USA seems to have an awful lot of ‘regulations’ and ‘laws’ that have no real enforcement, it would seem.

    Enough of ‘courtesy’ and ‘expectations’ for all governmental things such as this. Anything that isn’t mandatory apparently will be ignored. Close the loopholes. Amend every law and regulation with the full expectation that every person it might be brought to bear to is a slimy grifter wannabe-fascist that will only listen to the very real threat of incarceration and jailtime from this point forward.

    Oh, and give the President 2, maybe 3 pardons max and none exercisable in the last year of office. Or something. Geez, anything.