A pro-science marxist who is labeled with Autism and ADHD. Psychiatry is a psuedoscientific tool of oppression mostly used by the bourgeoisie and we should oppose it!

Dealing with silent reflux.

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The U.S is the worst place to live as a disabled person. May as well think about going to Cuba or China instead of staying here.

Seems like the U.S is now extracting Europe’s surpluses.

La Usono ŝajne prenas Eŭropan pliojn.

This event is going to be a gut check and a test to all western Marxists. Be weary of anyone who commits the errors Maow and Lenin pointed out.

Anticommunist ranting about psychiatric abuse in China.
> In early July, a Chinese woman named Dong Yaoqiong streamed a video of herself throwing ink at a portrait of China’s leader, Xi Jinping. In the video, Dong explains that the gesture was intended to “say publicly that I oppose the tyranny of Xi Jinping’s dictatorship and the brain-control oppression imposed by the Chinese Communist Party.” A little over a month later, Dong suffered a different form of brain control. According to **Radio Free Asia,** she has been confined to a psychiatric hospital in her native Hunan. Oh dear, the CIA is at it again I see… Good on the Chinese state to oppress that piece of shit.

How did I block myself? (and also need help to unblock myself lol)
I checked out the blocks page of settings, and I apparently blocked myself at some point. I of course can't fix it myself.

Unfortunately, the Non-GMO movement exists… I hate that shit so much.

Emacs.ch - Emacs mastodon instance
Emacs.ch - Emacs mastodon instance

[eww] Why do the form text elements move around when yanking text?
When I yank text longer than the form text element; it splits and stops working.

Cars are around the stadium too.

God I hate football…

Ukraine hasn’t even entered Russian territory.

Novliberalisma imperioj ĵetas sian piedojn.

I guess it was about Nazi Germany?


Western bourgeoisies’ goal of colonizing Russia.

Also, how is communism a disease? It doesn’t even exist yet.

Researchers are now permitted to grow human embryos in the lab for longer than 14 days. Here’s what they could learn.

Permitted?! So they weren’t allowed to grow embyros longer than 14 days prior to that? Why?

Let's not forget that while, I support therapy, I don't support abuse of it (for ableism).

Anyway, the LISP REPL gives a lot of agency to the user.

In the early 60s, operating systems on LISP machines used a LISP REPL; the interface gave the user a lot of agency in their usage of the machine, which you rarely see in modern operating systems. However, LISP machines were very expensive and so this necessitated the access being limited to the state.

A common pattern that formed as a result of hardware, LISP was used on powerful systems, while FORTRAN was used elsewhere.

Today, the most used modern operating systems are built to take that agency away from the worker…

Title: “Chinese police are now conducting random stop-and-search checks for banned foreign apps such as Instagram and Twitter: reports”

Opening paragraph:

As protests over China’s draconian COVID-19 policy intensify, local police tried to quell further escalation by conducting random stop-and-search checks for banned foreign social media apps, the The Wall Street Journal and CNBC reported Monday.

That title is misleading AF; this is why I don’t trust western media on China.

and as usual, it’s all the “ChInA OpResSeS iT’s CitIZens!!111!!” bullshit. Straight up calling China’s very good handling of COVID “draconian” lmao; it’s straight up projection from the U.S.

I’d prefer that to cow-obtained meat.

Big Meat wouldn’t like it tho.

What does that lead to? Isn’t awareness and not buying into the propaganda hidden beneath microtransactions enough?

Nope! The dopamine system can be self-aware and still exploited. It’s why people struggle to get off the god awful U.S diet despite knowing the harms of it.

Never touching that shitty franchise again after this.

What if they don’t have that much RAM?

Did you even read the article or just the headline?

I did I looked at the whole thing. I guess I didn’t think my thought over properly.

The article states that the decisive event was the declaration of war by the SU which would open up another front that Japan was not prepared for because they had their forces dispatched to defend the American naval invasion (or at least inflict heavy casualties) in order to stand better ground in negotiations and evade unconditional surrender. Besides they were hoping for diplomatic “support” from the SU in order to contain American influence in Eastern Asia. Considering the non-aggression pact between Japan and the Soviet Union this seems plausible.

However, the heavy work during war in the pacific theatre was undoubtly borne by China and (to some degree) the USA, though the soviet introduction was decisive for surrender.


The U.S still larped off from China and the USSR though; I highly doubt they would have even entered if Imperial Japan didn’t attack the U.S.

*As always,* the Soviets did most of the work and the Usonos plagarized them, lmao.

International auxiliary languages should be utilized in software development (to improve international collaboration).
Given that international auxiliary languages allow for more efficient cooperation; I think more people should consider using an easily learnable IAL, like [Esperanto](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto). IALs would reduce the English dominance that gate-keeps software development to English persons; and hence allow more potential software developers to better develop software. The English language is mostly dominant in software development because of linguistic imperialism.

The U.S has officially become the fourth Reich.

The Serotonin Zombie: Authors of New Study Try to Breathe New Life into the Dead
> The researchers then ran a bunch of additional statistical tests on this same data (tests to include other factors, such as age, and then breaking the data down into specific regions and re-running the tests—a controversial statistical process known as p-hacking because it increases the likelihood of finding a statistically significant result by chance). Even after all this, the researchers found that the depression group and the healthy control group continued to have serotonin levels which were no different, except for one slight average difference in one brain region (the temporal cortex). Even in this area, the data shows an almost complete overlap between the two groups. > The researchers, as they reported their results, ignored this fact. Instead, they calculated the mean change in serotonin release scores for the 20 healthy controls and 16 depressed patients, and concluded that there was a slight “statistically significant” difference (p value = .041). Without the one outlier, this statistically significant finding would have vanished. > ## Study Biases > The study was published in Biological Psychiatry and was led by David Erritzoe at Imperial College, London. Several other researchers unaffiliated with the study quickly pointed out several flaws in the study, starting with the fact that it was quite tiny, which increases the likelihood that any finding is due to chance. In a Twitter thread, researcher Eiko Fried compared the study to a presidential poll. Would you trust a poll of 37 people (31 male) to estimate who is most likely to win a presidential election? There is a reason polls try to reach a quorum of several thousand and a representative sample of the whole population. > > In addition, 14 of the 17 in the depression group—and 17 of the 20 in the health control group—were male. The inclusion of only three women in the depression group (though women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression), the inclusion of five people with Parkinson’s disease (which could create a different neurobiological effect), the inclusion of two people taking a drug for Parkinson’s (which could create larger brain chemistry changes), and the fact that antidepressants had been used by six people in the past (which could have led to long-lasting brain adaptations) are all significant confounding factors. > It is also worth noting that study was paid for by [Imanova Ltd (now Invicro)](https://www.bioindustry.org/member/imanova-ltd.html#:~:text=Imanova%20Limited%20%2D%20a%20centre%20of,Kings%20College%20and%20University%20College.), whose profit is dependent on demonstrating the success of imaging techniques, such as PET, for “drug and diagnostic development.” In an acknowledgment, the researchers express appreciation for the work of the company’s employees “for their excellent technical support.” It is unclear how much input the company had in developing the study, conducting the analysis, and writing the paper. Bad science at its finest folks.

No Brain Connectivity Differences Between Autism, ADHD, and “Typical Development”
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/585028 > > Neuroscience researchers find no differences in brain connectivity between children with diagnoses of autism, ADHD, and those with no diagnoses. > > This shouldn't be surprising at all. Psychiatrists literally made the labels up and asserted it was scientifically formed.

Unpaywall [articles]
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/536599 > Awesome site and convenient for quickly sharing studies!

Unpaywall [articles]
Awesome site and convenient for quickly sharing studies!

None of the DSM editions had ever been scientific lmao. > "our understanding of the biology of mental disorders has been slow in coming." There's no biology in mental disorders; *none of them* have objective phenomena and they are arbitrarily given and created.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/478127 > I found this picture on here: https://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/2021/02/28/hot-off-the-press-pfizer. > > --- > > I get the feeling that whoever made this image didn't even read over the graphs. There's less deaths than cases in the picture. How does that make vaccines bad? > > I can barely tell what these graphs are supposed to say, they are saved as a PNG and the text is so small. > > --- > > Christ, this is pathetic. Anti-vaxxers are really desperate to find an excuse to be anti-vax. Remember kids, watch out for bad science!

Why Psychiatry Isn’t Scientific (For Laymen)
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/520880 > It's pretty simple to figure once I had a change in perspective; I really wish I figured this out earlier.

I feel like so little studies actually have the reproduction step.
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/514928 > Reproducibility is an important aspect of science; reproducibility allows for alternate viewpoints; improvements in the referrant study; and verification that the referrant study is actually possible. > > It could just be my perspective when reading studies; but I'm not seeing much scientists actively attempt to reproduce the result of the referrant study. > > EDIT: or I'm just not seeing it somehow.