A 30-year-old Ontario woman diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer has had her surgery postponed indefinitely and says it could be too late to save her if the procedure keeps getting pushed back.

For all the dramatic play acting that the politicians are doing regarding the sanctity of human life, do you think even one of them will show up to this woman’s funeral? How about the suicide victims? How about the drug overdose victims? How about the victims of domestic violence?

As usual, if it isn’t the direct intended consequences of their policies, they’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Leadership is hard. You have to make hard decisions, and those hard decisions need to take into account the fact that there will be intended consequences and unintended consequences. Pretending the latter doesn’t exist it doesn’t make you a wise leader. When those often foreseeable unintended consequences occur, such unwise leaders will pretend it was unforeseeable, or that it’s unrelated.

Imagine if we took the sheer amount of resources that have gone into giving people the worst vacation of their lives, and instead use it to create world-class medical facilities in every major city in Canada and make sure that we had enough doctors and nurses and nurses aides trained to staff those facilities. Instead of having a bunch of debt and nothing to show for it, we would be ready to handle a pandemic, and not only that we would be ready to handle the next pandemic.

I think that a more wise method of handling the pandemic would have looked significantly different than what we got.

What’s going on in Canada?

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