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  • I fear too many universities are businesses designed to fund seminars; and students graduating are whether an afterthought or an actual negative for them.

    It was related to me that, because they want to keep their customers, one can solve any problem at uni - grades, minor victimless crimes, etc - simply by offering to take more courses. The only problem money can’t solve is the one where the student has no more money, and it’s over quickly after that (saw that one happen).

  • 75% of American drinking water needs treatment to reduce particulate and parasites, and the treatment additive used to render the water safe is produced at a single chemical plant located in an area of severe flood risk – which means that a flood could take it offline for a day or two, or damage it for weeks.

    (Efforts to build a second site recently fell through due to ever-changing regulations. Of course they’re stockpiling it in some mountain bunker, I’m sure)

    The next Katrina could give us a brain-worms infestation via tap-water.

  • They’re still there.

    My mom gets a scam page on her browser like once a week. It jams full screen and she cant remember F10 or winkey to get it to where she can kill it (#retirees). So it’ll play “you have a virus. Call the number on the screen” through her internal speaker and USB headphones looping the same minute-long speech for days until she calls me to fix it.

    I can only imagine.