15 movement victories in 2021 you may not have heard about ⋆ The Breach
Cops out of schools, Indigenous land defended, and new tenants rights—last year may have sucked, but social movements in Canada still won important gains

2021 sucked, but social movements in Canada still won victories:

👮 Cops kicked out of schools 🏠 Tenants rights expanded 🌻 Universities divested from fossil fuels ✊ Workers got unionized 🚧 Indigenous lands defended

…and more.

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There’s some positive stuff in there, but you’ve got to be really careful because there’s no such thing as a pure good or pure evil. Looking at the world through such a polarized lens is a great way to miss something important, or more importantly it becomes much easier to manipulate you into seeing whatever someone wants you to see rather than the truth.


I’m curious to know which part you consider to be polarized


It’s built into the way that it’s presented. Climate change action always good unions always good everything that’s on our list of things to do always good!

All these things can be good. Every single decision is not that simple though. Most people who care about this sort of stuff are way too rich to think about it that much, but if you’re not very careful with the way that you implement things you basically end up hurting the people at the bottom of society.

It’s all well and good to say “we’re going to quadruple the amount of money you spend heating your home” if you get your butler to pay all your bills for you and you don’t really know how much you pay, but if you’re living in a house that isn’t very good because that’s the only one you can afford and you’re making basically as little money as some megacorp will pay you, quadrupling a heating bill in the middle of winter – it’s wonderful that it’s great for the world, but now you have to make some very very difficult decisions.

And as for unions, you have to be very careful because the people with the money are very good at corrupting things. The mega corpse that these unions deal with no exactly how to deal with the Union. Unfortunately, some of those things are going to be good for the business, good for the leadership, not so good for the front line workers. As a good example, this year with its 7% inflation is not a good year to be Union. Considering most of them sit there and wave the flag of victory if they get a 0.5% per year cost of living increase, a whole lot of working class People are going to be finding it a whole lot harder to make ends meet this year.

So like I said, you got to be very careful not to look at the world in black and white, and instead to look at the world as shades of Gray and there’s nothing that’s perfectly positive or perfectly negative, especially not when there are very powerful people manipulating the policy that you even get to decide on whether to support, and there are very weak people who are going to have to live with these policies whether they work out or not.

What’s going on in Canada?

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