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American teachers and nurses don't have a union?

Cause that’s what it sounds like, but that’s real crazy…

Lemmy.ml has mostly leftists, many of whom are in favor of big government. You saying ‘people for themself’ doesn’t strike me as a leftist thing to say haha


Is there a way to get medications covered if work/sis/said/pta doesn't cover them?

Afaik, private insurance is expensive and specifically excludes medications that are already prescribed…

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In person preferably …


Cheapest place to get a bed?

I would preferred not to do a kijiji bed due to bed bug risk, but if that’s not a real concern, let me know! …

Who boards up abandon buildings?

A homeless guy was sleeping in a condemned house and he got boarded out of it yesterday. The home owner let the house fall into such a state of disrepair, it can’t be the home owner who boarded it up. …