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Pierre Poilievre poses with the head of a group that believes there’s ‘too many Arabs’ in Jerusalem

Nothing inherently good about this, the Fediverse has only a handful of full time developers, so the network is very vulnerable to Embrace.Extend.Extinguish

If you can’t manage your land should you really be allowed to keep it?

Some people say Canada is three oil companies wearing a trench coat—but it might be more accurate to say it’s eight oil lobbyists wearing official government badges at the UN climate summit.

> … her surprisingly narrow victory as leader probably gives Rachel Notley’s NDP their best possible chance of winning. But if Smith does manage to win a general election in Alberta, her government will give Canadians a sneak preview over the next few years of what could be in store for the rest of the country if Poilievre prevails in his own contest. One thing is for certain: it won’t be boring.

cross-posted from: > Buying seeds and seedlings to grow your own is taxable by most provinces and the federal, favouring large farmers and importers

Buying seeds and seedlings to grow your own is taxable by most provinces and the federal, favouring large farmers and importers

Bracing myself for disappointment with fall elections in Qc, Ab

Symbolic, but maybe a signal of things to come

An overview of the fight for access to reproductive rights

I bet Namibians would prefer to keep their communal Land tenure system.

This type of position paper promising to unlock economic potential is as old as capitalism.

Ninety-eight per cent of Nunavik Inuit speak Inuktitut as their first language. This should be celebrated, not hindered. […] Bill 96 will create greater impediments to accessible health care for Inuit and First Nations people. The bill will worsen health and health care, instead of improving it.

Haven’t heard of other cities doing this, seems like a useful way to target non-white youth demographic

Has been for years, but there’s a critical opportunity now that the CRTC is looking at News Media more seriously

Years of popular mobilization, have made this the next logical move. I keep thinking that the wrong political party in power could reverse this or work around this with another Energy East type pipeline project

Only legit pipelines should be clean water to communities that don’t have it

Short doc on the Patty beef between the federal and Jamaican bakers

Interesting look back at history

> it’s no surprise Kenney and the province’s oil and gas boosters wasted no time in using the invasion of Ukraine as an opportunity to call for more Canadian oil and gas production to replace Russian supply — a move proponents claim would starve Vladimir Putin’s war machine.

Last week, Trans Mountain announced the project will be an eye-watering $8.8 billion over its initial budget.

> As the sun was going down and the temperatures dipped, the truck drivers in the convoy were permitted a “negotiated retreat” — they were allowed to leave one at a time, but only after their trucks had been stripped of flags, and “Freedom Convoy” stickers, and surrendered any jerry cans.

Peaceful guns, democratic machetes seized from Alberta convoy protest
COUTTS, AB – Sources report that the RCMP have arrested 11 people at the Coutts border blockade who planned to peacefully participate in the democratic process with firearms, body armour and voluminous ammunition caches.

cross-posted from: > Almost half of the money came from USA

They don’t appear to have one :-(

The organizers are usual far right fash, but they’ve capitalized on the COVID fatigue sentiment that has grown a bit beyond the outright deniers. Provincial governments are already loosening the rules.

But I see it as an uneasy alliance, that probably doesn’t go too deep beyond the traditional conservative base, and doesn’t include all of it, despite being reponsible for the recent Conservative Leadership change.

WHAT IS A CAPITAL GAIN AND WHAT IS CAPITAL PROPERTY? When you sell something for a higher price than you paid for it, the difference is a ‘gain’. So when you sell something considered capital for more than you paid, the difference is called a ‘capital gain’. Capital includes any property or asset that can increase in value, such as a house that isn’t your primary residence [1], land, a vehicle, shares in a company, or another asset with monetary value. ONLY HALF IS TAXED…

Canadian Groundhog murder mystery

> The most generous estimates place the gathering at the Hill at approximately 10,000 people on Saturday. Compare that to the more than 144,000 Canadians who got their vaccine jabs this Sunday alone and you get an idea of how small that number really is.

Iniskim Umaapi: Is this Canada’s ‘Stonehenge’?
TIL about this ancient monument.

Media Bias is a given, pure objectivity has always been a PR exercise for major Newspapers.

The Breach’s about page addresses this head on

The billionaire-owned media and our public broadcaster have long peddled the claim that they’re objective, but most people have stopped buying it. In a world of injustice, no one — and especially not journalists — can be truly neutral or impartial. “Objectivity” becomes merely a cover for uncritical reporting or a muzzle on those speaking simple truths about power and privilege.

The question of trustworthiness is important, but to answer the question we have to think about what kinds of voices do we find credible in the first place. Some people ascribe authority & credibility to Corporate Boardroom and Chamber of Commerce types. Others will have more trust and respect for scrappy journalists who are on the ground with social movements and when the heat is on.

We believe journalism can be credible while still open about its commitments: to inspire action, tell stories about people remaking society, and amplify visions of a new world to win together.

…the whole construct of Crown sovereignty is simply a legal fiction to justify the de facto seizure and control of the land and resources formerly owned by the original inhabitants of what is now Canada.

You are describing corporate behaviour that is incentivized for shareholder value, and goes largely unpunished by weak sauce neoliberal “small government” jurisdictions the world over.

I would rather wait for another vaccine that seems more legit from a trustworthy organisation

Canada has 4 approved vaccines with a few more under consideration or in clinical trials. Which one would you consider?

We’re looking forward to seeing you for an incredible gathering of 70+ sessions led by 150 presenters from across the world. Use the button below to hop on over and see what we have planned for the big event.

wait which unions are supporting the Convoy?

Looking at the ties of the organizers, I’m kind of surprised that so many people are uncritically sharing the ‘freedom convoy’ content.

I’m curious to know which part you consider to be polarized

2021 sucked, but social movements in Canada still won victories: 👮 Cops kicked out of schools 🏠 Tenants rights expanded 🌻 Universities divested from fossil fuels ✊ Workers got unionized 🚧 Indigenous lands defended …and more. Read The Breach's round-up!

Imagining it? No!

Not every individual lives this way, communities as well, and have been for millennia.

IMHO, Getting societies Globally to shift away from this is the hard thing to strategize!

Presentation with author Ardath Whynacht Event by Concordia University’s Simone de Beauvoir Institute, la Fédération des femmes du Québec, 12 jours d’action contre les violences faites aux femmes (Comité 12 jours)

Domestic homicide involves violence at the most intimate level – the partner or family relationship. The most common strategy for addressing this kind of transgression relies on policing and prisons. But through examining commonly accepted typologies of intimate partner violence, Ardath Whynacht shows that policing can be understood as part of the same root problem as the violence it seeks to mend. This book illustrates that the origins of both the carceral state and toxic masculinity are situated in settler colonialism and racial capitalism. Describing an experience of domestic homicide in her community and providing a deeply personal analysis of some of the most recent cases of homicide in Canada, the author inhabits the complexity of seeking abolitionist justice. Insurgent Love traces the major risk factors for domestic homicide within the structures of racial capitalism and suggests transformative, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, feminist approaches for safety, prevention and justice.

Oh I hadn’t considered the inaction of Parliament as a way to rid ourselves of Monarchy, clever!

yeah, it may have been impatience on my part. Great script idea, btw!

Impatience then is it? Lol I think you’re right!

Removing the last vestiges of colonial rule from Canada’s political system — and placing Canada’s Indigenous Peoples at the heart of any potential replacement — could have a […] transformative influence on our own future.

I tried this and it didn’t work, which is why I’m suggesting this approach

Subscribing to communities from other Lemmy instances.
Currently searching for existing communities on other instances doesn’t always show results (if no user on your instance has already subscribed). A workaround I have found is to search for a post from that community, after which you can access the community via the link near the username of the OP. From there you can subscribe.

New Found land & Labrador coat of arms Does a decent job, though it still centres European symbols