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Due to the recent ban of a wolfballs.com-user for “Bigotry and racism on his main account on Wolfball.” it is requested that Lemmy.ml updates the Code of Conduct to reflect actual moderation. Please consider adding that Lemmy.ml will ban users for comments made with other accounts on other instances.
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I wish the witnesses would tell us what actually happened and why.

FediLore + Fedirama

    Chronicle the life and tale of the fediverse (+ matrix)

    Largely a sublemmy about capturing drama, from fediverse spanning drama to just lemmy drama.

    Includes lore like how a instance got it’s name, how an instance got defederated, how an admin got doxxed, fedihistory etc

    Rules: include a snippet something about what your post is about, ex flame war.

    Tags: fediverse news, lemmy news

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