I like a righteous nerd rant. I’ll admit to not knowing much of anything about X11 or Wayland because I’m kind of new to GNU/Linux and I’m not that smart. I was kind of excited to just start getting into tiling window managers. I tried i3, then xmonad, and had settled on making my daily driver an Arch install with xmonad to try to learn more. But it looks like that’s a no go with Wayland.

After learning a little about Wayland it seems that it isn’t a matter of Wayland just being ready at some point in time. It’s a protocol that needs to be implemented into software - that means it needs a community of users and developers to begin actively using it, reporting and fixing issues for individual applications.

It’s sad if it’s gotten to the point that it’s affecting the mental health of the devs who are doing their best to build cool tech and free us from the evils of proprietary software.

Alright then, after reading this I think I’ll see how I go with Arch + Sway and try to solve any issues that come up.

Arch + sway is nice. If you want to try it whitout a hassle, there is a manjaro build with sway thst works nice. https://github.com/Manjaro-Sway/manjaro-sway


Sway is always nice - doesn’t matter on which distribution ;)

Thanks. It took me a few tries but I got Arch + Sway up and running on a VM. It’s nice. Feels pretty comfy already. I think I can make this work as my daily driver.

Well done Drew!

Yeah, people should start getting off the “Wayland is bad” train. Wayland does not work well on certain configurations. Wayland still isn’t supported by certain software. That being said, Wayland is better than X11, it is not as supported / adopted as X11. Yet.

Ubuntu 21.04 will default to Wayland. Which means that the next LTS, 22.04 will default to Wayland. Hope that pushes some of the major players in the software and hardware world will start supporting it fully.

Wayland is the future when it comes to desktop Linux.

Just three reasons holding me back from using wayland: hard to record desktop or use color pickers and gnome restart does not work with it.

Also I do not see benefits other than for developers, because I do not run random software that would be spying on other applications.

What’s the problem with recording? Does something like wf-recorder not work?

Similarly, a combination of slurp and grim can work as a color picker.


I agree in general, however on a not bleeding edge distro and especially with KDE, X11 is still the better option for now. Looking forward to switching to Wayland though.

I agree with the premise, but unfortunately I’ve not yet had a system that worked well with Wayland, so I can’t make the switch yet.

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