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publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/579874 > publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/579873 > > > publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/579872 > > > > > publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemmy.ml/post/579871 > > > > > > > This Friday Nov 4th, 2600 Madrid meetup! 7pm to 9 pm. > > > > The meetings are monthly worldwide, the first Friday of the month, where > > > > hackers and lovers of free and creative culture come together to talk, > > > > share ideas, projects, politics and about all aspects of technology. > > > > In a meeting for all, welcome to the curious who want to know what > > > > "hacker culture" really is https://2600.com @2600_madrid and for > > > > information on the event in Madrid 2600@hispagatos.org > > > > > > > > for more info: > > > > https://2600.com > > > > https://hispagatos.space/@rek2/109274963270162295 > > > > https://mobilizon.public.cat/@2600_madrid > > > > https://www.2600.com/meetings

Awesome! thanks, was wondering why some pics were missing.

Cant see it is on malware god youtube, why not peertube o odysee? I did not leave reddit to then start using evil youtube.

This is bullshit, and how do anyone knows? is closed source… nobody can know, you have to trust their word… so… we all know how that works. lol

aerc with out a doub aerc-email

VPS has its use but def is not the holy grail people need to separate marketing/disinformation so vpn can be used to bypass country rules and such, but not as to have a good opsec by using vpn alone for example.

you can get a second hand pixel (and wait) before you boot download and install the https://calyxos.org/ ROM is amazing.

good job!!! how do we link to this particular instance groups?

we really need to get new people to USE AN ALTERNATIVE HOMESERVER/NODE and runs their own identity servers… this is the only flaw matrix has everyone joining the same homeserver putting all the eggs in one basket

deleted by creator

Matrix is awesome, but guys try to not use the one node out of thousands(matrix.org) choose another node of people you trust, also avoid using vector.im other than that… matrix FTW.

you cant copy and paste, but you can see how they did it, what for what I seen, is total crap.

~rek2/goTootRamdonVideo - sourcehut git
this is a bot that will use gopass or pass for your credentials or any other CLI password manager or keystore then it will log into mastodon, and pull the latest feed item from odysee, peertube or any other place but is meant for videos. after this it will ramdonly pick one feed item, format it into a mastodon toot, and post(toot) it using the account credentials you supplied.

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LibrePlanet 2021 - Live - come join hispagatos
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I been helping for some time, our anarchist hacker video show is there now enterily since it started, and I can say they say plural because is NOT just mastodon but also peertube and other decentralized services… this is why I think they speak with that tittle.

yeah I agree… but since is a good call we can all agree, I think is good… the opening the source code of their servers is something we can fight in another side.

it is slow if you “have to” install the java JDK etc on a “clean” system just to run a java app. and we can argue about java vs go another time.