Season so far plot

Plot explanation

Offensive and defensive ratings are the estimated number of points teams score and allow per 100 possessions. Horizontal and vertical lines are league averages. Diagonal bands reflect net ratings, which are offensive ratings minus defensive ratings. The green dot-dash line is a net rating of +10, green dotted +5, red dotted -5, and red dot-dash -10).

  • @streetfestivalOP
    32 months ago

    On the pods I listen to a lot of people like the Clippers. Why’d they have such a mid February? Is that all Zubac’s absence due to injury?

    Hornets’ defence had a good month. Meanwhile the weakest 4 teams is not what one might expect based on reputation: Raptors (used to be a solid D franchise - no longer), Knicks and Sixers (injuries), and Jazz (why are they tied with Raptors for last?)

  • rezzM
    1 month ago

    This is my favorite content on the c/nba. So simple.

  • ConditionOverload
    22 months ago

    Bucks offense has slowed down considerably but defense has picked up a lot it seems. Of course this coincides with Middleton being hurt and not playing. Hopefully they can all be healthy for this playoff run. Really want to see Giannis win more!