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  • It should have. This is why I joined, and in fact there’s no technology reason why it shouldn’t have. The CEO et al simply did not understand that the content creator was their customer and viewed them, somehow, with disdain—despite being anti IP anarchist types, they were oxymoronic when it came to understanding who they needed to serve.

    I think the best way for it to live on is as a software fork / side chain to BTC/BCH. Or you could refactor it completely against Celestia. Ethereum it wouldn’t work because the data shards demand too much and would cause L1 fee spikes.

  • Like Pokémon, I would say most games with RNG. They’re basically fake and also limited by the lack of computation for RNG at the time. You can’t make them hard; there’s basically a ratio where they’re enjoyable or not, and that’s the same ratio as playable or not.

    Platformers resist this—they’re exactly as hard as they are. They’re the original physics based game. Pure skill.

  • This is the next best thing for the league besides Lakers Celtics.

    I root for Mavericks because it makes Thunder look good. Celtics capsizing at the end of an expected championship run is chefs kiss IMO. Mavericks are the clear underdog.

    If Muscala or Blake Griffin were still on Celtics, I’d root for them. But there’s no one I care about there anymore.