“Our hearts are heavy for our friends and colleagues at Open Collective Foundation with whom we shared dreams, efforts, admiration, and inspiration as we each worked to build a community of care and support.”

      • Avid Amoeba
        102 months ago

        Open Collective. Inc (OC) is a for-profit entity. We are responsible for building the Open Collective Platform that many fiscal hosts use for their operations.

        The founders of Open Collective also founded and supported the early development of several nonprofit organizations:

        Open Collective Foundation (OCF) a US-based 501©(3) fiscal host that hosts charitable projects, and which has chosen to dissolve.

        So the Open Collective Inc for-profit created the Open Collective Foundation non-profit, and the latter is shutting down, not the former. 🤔

        • M. Orange
          61 month ago

          These entities all have similar names and share similar origins, having been started by the founders of Open Collective and incubated in the Open Collective ecosystem, but are independent nonprofits with their own budget, accounts, staff, board of directors, and mission. They each have a separate commercial relationship with Open Collective. [emphasis not mine]

          Open Collective, Inc. seemingly has nothing to do with OCF shutting down and neither entity has claimed anything to the contrary.