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Ohh I didn’t realize they were refused by so many. What’s the reasoning?

A reminder that there’s still some light left in the world of vacuums: Valetudo!

Ahh didn’t know about that. What restrictions are there exactly?

Maybe you do?

Sorry :/

This would in fact be mildly interesting

I usually buy my ebooks from Amazon if I can’t find them free of DRM anywhere else. The reason being that their DRM is straightforward to crack.

Ahh my bad, I stopped reading at “Rollout plan”.

Tldr: Gitea doesn’t have CI/CD

How does SourceHut compare to Gitea instances?

Reasonbale criticism.

IMO home mailservers are best paired with a public alias service like Anonaddy or SimpleLogin. This way you retain privacy, anonymity and it’s also easy to quicly direct your mail to another inbox, should your own server malfunction.

I agree, just a day ago I accidentally clicked Send this way, and sent a silly empty message on one site.

I wonder if this is mainly an issue/feature of web engines? Maybe the idea is to make the initial load faster?

Presumably the rational for this rather dubious provision was to assist in getting loans?

Or is this like a standard clause in constitutions?

Memes aside, your reasoning seems cyclic indeed. If you wanted to prove your point, you should explain how this is achieved in China, and compare that to EU.

So it’s not enough “accountability” to vote differently in the next elections?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “accountable”. They represent the voters, that is, the citizens of EU. Is the “country” somehow more important layer of organization than the individual?

Open dictionaries
For the first time ever I had to manually download dictionary files (to my e-reader). So I headed online expecting to find a clear king-of-the-hill free & open English-English dictionary, but it turned out that this was easier said than done. With my brief search I found the *StarDict* dictionaries, available [here](https://sites.google.com/site/gtonguedict/home/stardict-dictionaries). So, this is thread about open dictionaries! - Share you're favourite dictionaries - Is StarDict the go-to? - General thoughts on the matter