Back when I joined, the front page was full of bicycles, city/province-specific community posts, and others like woodworking This morning, four or five of the front page posts were making fun of some crazy bikini lady(?). I read their “read this first” post and understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, but is there a way to get our default front page to be a bit more…friendly and community-oriented?

  • streetfestival
    23 days ago

    It’d be nice if a feature like this got fast-tracked, because I see this a notable limitation to the Lemmy platform. As an instance, growing in size and maintaining an identity/brand butt heads. Ideally, you’d host whatever people want to contribute that is legal and cool, but you might also want to highlight certain content. “Local - hosted” and “Local - favourites” feeds, or something like that, might work