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  • It’s not belittling anyone. It’s about having an actual line and not making NSFW into a meaningless term.

    Seriously, if you define “NSFW” as anything ANYONE won’t want to be caught doing at work, all of Lemmy is NSFW. Your personal definition of “I might get embarrassed by it” is equally meaningless and, again, would result in the entire website simply labeling everything NSFW.

    Oh, what if I work in a conservative workplace and don’t want to get caught browsing a liberal sub? Guess everything liberal or left leaning is NSFW!

    Oh wait, I’d be embarrassed by people knowing I have relationship problems, so any relationship advice is now NSFW.

    I don’t want my co-workers to think I’m a dumbass, so anything like NoStupidQuestions or ELI5 is also inherently NSFW.

    You want to broaden the NSFW term to the point of being meaningless, and have everyone else moderate their posts to your ill-defined benefit. It’s so meaningless that the tag may as well not exist at that point.

  • It kind of is. It’s an extra variable introduced to account for a bunch of things that aren’t adding up.

    Aether was the same thing, until people discovered electromagnetic fields. People knew light was a wave. Waves travel faster through more solid mediums. Light is pretty damn fast. Space is pretty empty.

    Things didn’t add up. Light is simultaneously traveling through possibly the stiffest material in the known universe while also through nothing at all. People had to come up with Aether to try to explain that.

    It was wrong, but it was an obvious placeholder acknowledging that something huge is missing from our current theories.