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  • hot take on my part but I think people should stop going to pride parades completely. I dont’ know about other cities but here in Toronto it’s become essentially a walking in real life commercial for companies. This combined with the fact they took nearly $2mil in government grants here and simply pocketed the money. now they have to pay back $500k of it. They didn’t use that money to benefit the community or LGTBQ+ orgs, nope, they just stuck it in their pockets.

    Add to the fact none of these companies care about you giving them a piece of your mind, they don’t care. Some low level Verizon employee couldn’t give two flying fucks what you say about their corporate overlords. they don’t get paid enough to deal with that.

    How do you stick it to them? stop going to pride, stop buying their shit in June. Once they realize that pandering to people for one month to hopefully see an increase in sales doesn’t work then they’ll stop doing it. And show these pride orgs that have sold their souls to corporations that you won’t tolerate them making money on the backs of the community.

  • don’t think it’s a thesis when what you said is pretty much fact.

    due to the nature of my job I’ve dealt with a lot of these units and looked at god knows how many floor plans. They cram as many units onto a floor as humanly possible regardless of how stupid the floor plans are or how small the units are. I’ve seen units where the majority of it, I shit you not, is a hallway from the front door to a “living space” and not a straight hallway mind you.

    I’ll never forget the one where you walk in, make your way down the hall, take a 90 degree turn, keep walking, and then you end up in what’s essentially a closet studio. Like square footage wise most of what you’re paying for you can’t actually use other than walking.

    So I’m not surprised at all that people can’t sell these things and that no one wants to live in them. I honestly, firmly, believe that most of these “investor owners” bought these units sight unseen. Because anyone with half a brain would look at some of these places and say “I will never able to sell this shit hole”

    It’s a total scheme. the construction of these buildings are of the lowest quality. low quality fittings, low quality pipes, low quality drywall, everything and on top of that they hire low quality construction workers to build the things. Primary example, Ice Condos. I’ve stopped taking calls from them cause I refuse to step another foot in that building. That’s a building that A. should have never been built and B. if anyone working for the City in an official capacity was worth their salt they’d have that place condemned. It’s a death trap. It’s either going to one day burn to the ground or completely flood out or someones ceiling is going to give out and kill them.

  • you can ease it by volunteering. That’s what I do. I volunteer with my local community center and food bank. I mean it’s something instead of nothing.

    Until that point in time people have to accept that there will be people living on the streets, they will be drinking, they will be doing drugs to cope with living on the streets and nothing will change until people stop complaining and attempt to make said change.

  • “I hate seeing homeless people trying to cope with being homeless”

    ok so do something about it, vote for people who will fix it, donate money to places that will help, volunteer at food banks, community centres, soup kitchens, be the change you want to see.

    you: no, I prefer to complain

    you’re part of the problem.

    “then idk what to do.”

    good lord you’re an idiot. and the terrifying thing is you procreated.

  • I said this when it originally happened that Peel Police were likely in on this. They didn’t steal that much gold to run guns into Canada, it’s a bullshit story and Peel is being coy about it. Hell when they made the arrests the literal previous day or two they told the media they didn’t have an leads, then suddenly “oh yeah, did we mention 9 arrests?” only WHEN the media started grilling them. They arrest some jewelry maker cause he made some shitty gold bands when a damn professor says “yeah…that would take days of being up 24 hours straight to melt it down to do that”. when questioned Why did you suspect this jewelry maker and the crappy gold bands? Peel police? no comment.

    That department lined it’s pockets with this heist.

  • I swear gamers have the memory of a gnat. How many times has Bethesda pulled shit like this and people continue to support them? no one remembers the Horse armor all the way back in Oblivion? no one remembers the Skyrim paid mods in 2015? hell can’t even remember the SKYRIM PAID MODS IN DEC OF 2023!

    This isn’t an outrage and no one should be upset AT Bethesda over this, but disappointed and upset with yourselves for yet again falling for their constant desire to nickel and dime their playerbase.

  • Cops in this city only get off their asses and do something if certain money is backing them. Money from city hall, an increase in budget to actually do police work? nah fam they ain’t doing shit with that money. you can’t even get them to respond to an emergency in less than 2 hours if at all.

    Money from corporations/companies, special interest groups, etc? yeah they’ll get off their asses. Money from the LCBO to be security guards? Money from the banks to act as security for parking lots or branch security? Money from condo developers to be construction security? oh hell yeah they’re all over that.

    So I’m now curious as to whose paying them “a little extra” to target pro-palestine activists. cause our boys in blue will not act unless their pockets are well padded.

  • Am I having a fever dream or didn’t they pull this exact same shit years ago? like for a week in 2015 that got so huge negative backlash they had to drop it. Then didn’t they pull that again last year with Skyrim…again? and what, now they believe “third time is the charm”?

    They must think gamers have the memory of a gnat or something…and well based on the reactions THIS time around i’d say they’re right. They’ll continue to push this again and again and like every time people will be “outraged” but they’ll keep pushing. they aren’t changing and they’re betting on your continued support.

  • No my political analysis is more sophisticated than yours based on your previous aided comments. And yes I said aided because the words you type aren’t your own. Your English grammar isn’t natural and it’s quite awkward, it’s good just not natural. you need more training. So if I may provide a “protip” to you and your superiors in Russia or India or where ever you’re operating out of I would highly suggest more classes in natural speech and writing. Right now you look like you copy and paste directly from a chatgpt client. In fact that’s exactly what you’re doing.

    in the span of 24 hours you’ve started posting on Lemmy again after a year off. A year ago your comments were different. no where near as elaborate and the grammar was different, also more spelling mistakes from a year ago. And then you went back to how you type now. One moment your spelling and grammar are great, the next they’re not, so it’s painfully obvious multiple people are using your account. And it’s not like you change up your habits based on what community you post to, no you change your habits on a whim. you call people bro and you say “y’all” or “yo” one moment and a few hours later you’re back on chatgpt text.

    and you follow all the same tropes that known foreign trolls are known to do. post in news, world news annnnnd personal finance communities. That’s the tell that all you guys give away, constantly.

    I mean we can debate all you want but I have zero desire to talk to a copy and pasting ruskie bot.