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  • I really should’ve used an alt for this but well uh

    1. you not be looking niche enough
    2. in my experience the niche content on mainstream sites tends to be generic meaningless content made primarily by uh, creators who aren’t actually in the community but are just dabbling around. When people in alternate communities do post there, it’s often as a front for people to find them, likely a limited selection and/or the individual pieces also limited, and link back to other sites where their actual (often paid) stuff is
    3. even if you do find it, there’s obviously a lot less so people are more willing to pay for it

  • Because it’s a cop out. You’re not putting any thought into how your systems would interact with modern tech. Even if you really need a modern setting with no technology, at least be imaginative with why that happens and maybe let that reason affect your setting in some other ways as well. It’s the difference between a world that feels real, messy and casual, and some hypothetical scenario you made to tell your story.

    Harry potter isn’t the worst world for sure. Like Rowling does a pretty good job in explaining how wizards stay invisible from regular society, with the ministry of magic, their memory erasing and multiple incidents that all make it feel very real. But for technology we get little beyond Arthur weasly having a interest in collecting electric plugs or something.

    There’s also no good logic or intuition about what technology does or doesn’t work. An electric kettle won’t work but a whole ass car will? It prevents any conflict that has technology involved from having stakes because you don’t have limits or an idea of what’s dangerous/important

  • Victim blaming is a little extreme way to describe it, but yeah I don’t blame politicians for using it, but I absolutely will blame them for exclusively using it and letting their media be controlled by a private entity, especially one that is no longer publicly accessible.

    POSSE (publish [on your] own site, syndicate everywhere) is the way to go. Don’t assume everyone is just using a platform, especially if you’re providing a public or essential service.

    re your points, I think the EU’s gatekeeper law was pretty good.