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  • I don’t think this would work since most governments don’t understand technology well (just look at the Flipper Zero ban in Canada as an example). Technology has also been disruptive to existing industries (Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, etc.). I think traditional industries would just end up lobbying governments when they are challenged by new technology companies and we’d see less technology overall. That being said I can see the need for more tech regulation in a lot of areas (looking at you Apple), I just can’t see a blanket solution being the right approach.

  • My partner and I finished it last year. We enjoyed it despite not being a big fan of the original system. I think the theme really helped and some of the new mechanics added in each session were creative. That being said it did take us a full year to finish it. We found it hard to table compared to other campaign games we were playing last year. We both preferred Clank! Legacy.

  • I’ve played gloomhaven, spirit island, and mage knight. Mage knight is the only one I found overwhelming and sold it after a few plays. I don’t have any interest in trying Oath or Twilight Imperium but the rest I’d like to play one day. I feel like this list is “popular complex games”, I’m sure there are larger rule sets out there.

  • This is my one big issue with Lemmy currently. I miss subscribing and just having a good feed. With Lemmy I find that a handful of very active communities end up pushing down the less active ones on a lot of the sorting options. I have to go directly to individual communities instead, which I guess could be considered a good thing for engagement but the UX side of my brain doesn’t like the extra clicks.

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    Enjoyed Billy Talent and Thundercat. Something was off with the sound mixing for Weezer and Pup though.

    Food and drink were reasonably priced for festivals and was good. We got their early so no big lines until later.