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The structure of twitter means it would take a lot of work to build any kind of following and even then have low conversion to beehaw users. A placeholder or low effort account would be merely whispering into the void. All of that effort would be better spent posting on beehaw and making it a more inviting place. In my mind I think there is no promotional value in jumping on that sinking ship.

New to computers; solitaire seriously.

Getting used to using a mouse; Coffee Talk, a nice little story game based on dialogue options and a very simple espresso machine operated by mouse clicking on labelled buttons.

To get used to first person mouse navigation I’d recommend Gone Home. It’s about exploring a house filled with environmental story telling. No fail states or challenges.

I’m not your friend buddy!

serious answer to that specific scenario though is just to append “my new friend”

Password reuse means a twitter compromise would lead to accounts being stolen all over the Web. Hijacked Twitter accounts could be used directly for all manner of impersonation scams and spamming. Security matters on every site because every site has some potential to leverage attacks on others.

I have played on golf courses in the outback that have no green or much grass at all really and it was still fun. They don’t need the water for the sake of the game but for maintaining a decadent aesthetic.

Create your own account as administrator and make non-admin accounts for your sons to limit privileges of software they install. Some games may require admin rights (anti-cheat mostly), so you might prefer to provide them an administrator account and try to educate them on privacy and malware and how to only install trusted software but that is for you to decide based on their maturity.

Make sure they only obtain games from trusted stores such as steam, itch.io, gog, epic. I’m not philosophically against piracy but software piracy is very risky.

Another thing is to teach them to not install hacks and cheats even if you think they wouldn’t do it in a million years. As a LAN organiser I have known several good kids that have experimented with hacks, I don’t believe this is a significant moral failing for a child but it is extremely risky software for security and a good way to get banned from the local gaming scene.

General security and privacy practices apply as always, use anti-virus on Windows, use a password manager, use 2FA, never share passwords, principle of minimum privilege ie use non-admin as much as possible.

Use floss and privacy respecting sevices as much as possible… but kids are going to play the games their friends play and discord is hard to avoid.

If their social circle is not already embedded in discord then consider self hosting a VoIP server for them.

If the vast majority of people believed the earth is called gazorp that would absolutely suddenly make it so.

Ludum Dare has a 21 day category this time.

These apps are being developed specifically as means of onboarding new users to mastodon from the app store ecosystem’s “foot traffic”. It makes sense for them to want a limited pool of users for beta to ensure the apps are well polished before the intended audience of less technically inclined people unfamiliar with mastodon use them. How you obtain the pool of beta testers is probably not overly important, using an invite system for example would probably result in largely the same group of insiders who are likely to be patreon supporters having access anyway.

I see discord’s business model is still burning cash trying to be the next slack steam zoom reddit