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  • I never implied that you said they were the only problem, nor am I proving your point because you perceive me to be “triggered” by the critique that aspects of phones are contributing factors, which I also did not disagree with. I’m simply stating that there are much larger and central factors that are contributing to unhappiness such as political, social, and economic instability, and that people who focus on other people’s contrary reactions to the popular talking point that “phones are bad” are not having a discussion in good faith.

  • Yeah it’s the technological tool that’s the problem. Definitely not rising cost of living, political insanity, civil unrest, climate change, the slow stripping away of rights, war. But sure the problem is some nerd swiping up on their phone or playing video games or watching Netflix or literally any other distraction from hell world.

    Big tech are absolutely evil pieces of shit beholden to the economic system that allows them to thrive to the detriment of humanity, but to blame a magic brick in your pocket like “yeah THIS, this must be why everyone is miserable (especially youth because please think of the children)” is just an incredibly narrow way of thinking, albeit a somewhat effective boogeyman, to distract from gestures broadly how badly we’ve fucked up and how much worse it’s getting as the century progresses.