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  • Smith is quoted here as saying:

    “Have you not looked at the headlines about how Pierre Poilievre is described as dangerous?” the premier said. “How the leader of the Opposition in Alberta has described me as dangerous? When you start using that kind of rhetoric, that ends up creating an elevated risk for all of us.”

    She’s complaining about being called “dangerous”. That’s hardly violent rhetoric and certainly no worse than the language they use to describe their opponents.

    Sure, there are some individuals on the internet spreading violence, but you cannot equate the non-conservative media rhetoric with the violent and dishonest rhetoric coming out of conservative sources.

  • In this context the use of “they” is just proper English though. I can’t fault someone who speaks a gendered language from using gendered pronouns as is proper in that language, but the use of “they” in English is correct and hardly political or exclusive. Every language is going to have rules that may be strange to non-native speakers, but any “confusion” is easily remedied by explaining that’s just how the language works. I find that’s also part of the fun of learning another language. I especially love trying to mix the rules of one language into another to see how silly it sounds. :)