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Looks like just another re-relase cash grab. Maybe it’ll offer something compelling for a reasonable price, but I doubt it.

Though I did recently buy the Steam version of Chrono Trigger and I’m generally pretty happy. But that’s mostly because of Steam’s convenience and controller support. Emulating probably would have been just as good.

Thanks! Sorry, I know it’s OSM, but I don’t have a lot of experience with it and found that address searching doesn’t work too well.

I did a bit of looking around today and it seems to be a rather complex issue. There’s https://openaddresses.io/ which looks like an open database of addresses. It’s not affiliated with OpenStreetMap but it sounds like many contributors to OpenAddresses are also OSM contributors.

There’s a wiki page here that explains the situation a bit: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenAddresses.io

I also found OpenSuperMaps which looks like it integrates both datasets, but I don’t know anything about that project.

This is one of the apps I’m trying out. I tired searching for a couple addresses, and the matches seem rather poor. Sometimes it just puts me in the general neighbourhood if it finds anything at all.

I’m assuming it’s just an incomplete dataset, but does anyone know a way to improve address searches? Maybe it’s just a matter of having more people add data?

Haha! Well done!

Awesome! That’s a couple big names. I mostly only read schematics, but I might have to give it a try!

Sorry, I meant no offense. I was just curious. Altium is used mostly by a particular group of people (hardware designers) and it’s extremely expensive so I was wondering if there was some other implication I missed.

But yes, as far as I know, Altium is the dominant player by far, and that’s unfortunate. What’s worse is they seem to be pushing their Web based tool so they’re getting into all that SaaS BS.

KiCad looks really good!

Unfortunately my experience with it is limited and it didn’t quite work out. I can’t afford Altium, but I had to look at some schematics for a project I was working on. I had to go through some roundabout way to import the Altium files into KiCad, and the result was rather poor. I ended up just working off of the PDF export. I’m willing to bet Altium makes subtle changes to their file format all the time, making it difficult for other tools to interoperate.

I’ve heard a lot of open hardware projects use KiCad though, so it must be good!

Nice! I’ve been meaning to try out a tiling window manager but haven’t gotten around to it.

And yeah! I did some “thumb in the air” benchmarks on Plasma, Gnome, and XFCE a couple years back (just looking at memory consumption with top), and Plasma was surprisingly low! Much better than the KDE of old.

Plasma is fantastic! It offers a good amount of control and the KDE apps are generally high quality. I use it with Latte Dock and I’m very happy!

As far as I know that’s correct. Flash memory has a certain lifetime in writes. But it’s usually an extremely large number, especially for SSDs.

Swap space on an SSD can reduce it’s lifespan since it’ll be written to more often, but I don’t know how much of a reduction you’d get.

Filesystem corruption maybe? How old is the hard drive?

Do you see any warnings or errors on boot? If you run the command “sudo dmesg | less”, do you see any errors or warnings in the log?

A bunch of questions, but it’s a start!

Not sure what this has to do with privacy, but interesting!

I don’t do a lot of circuit design, but it seems that the open source schematic software still isn’t quite up to par with Altium. Anyone have any real experience comparing the open source alternatives?

I don’t use Notepad++ for much, but I use Windows for work and the Analyse plugin is excellent for creating filtered views for log files! I’m sure there are better tools, but it was really simple to setup and use so I never bothered to look further.

It’s too bad Chromium took off like it did. Most people probably don’t even know that their Electron apps are just Chromium under the hood.

Hopefully this is the start of a larger pushback!

Fantastic! It’s great to hear you were able to get your family using it too. Did they have any challenges getting set up or was it pretty smooth?

I’m also curious about your experience federating. What sort of load is that placing on your server?