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I really like what @ericbuijs@lemmy.ml said. Privacy as an expression of your self is a neat perspective I haven’t considered before. In a way, your “self” is the only thing in your life you really can control. I think it’s even more complicated than that, since I don’t think we really have a single self to begin with (or rather a single expression of your self). I have my (semi) professional self at work, the (very) professional self when I deal with customers, a different self when I’m with my family, and even different selves among different friends. It’s not that I’m afraid to “be myself”, but each context is a different social framework that requires different interactions. It’s a fun thought experiment to think about what would happen if everyone knew everything about everyone, but humans and emotions are complex and and imperfect and wonderful! Living in the real world of right now requires that I have control over the expressions of my selves. I don’t think it comes down necessarily to any malicious intent (though that may be part of it), but rather the social framework for a given interaction. This is something I’ll need to think about more though since it’s an interesting perspective on privacy.

I get what you’re saying, but in this case the “other end of extreme” would be seeing COVID as a real thing that needs to be put under control. I think it’s more likely a bunch of concerned people who are sick of all the BS. Likely the same thing would happen here if the disinformation army were to set their sights on Lemmy. We already had some drama around here recently with people arguing about articles (even leading to a user being banned). I don’t think Lemmy is immune, but at least it’s smaller and the mods don’t have advertisers or investors to appease, so it can hopefully be put in check easier. People have communities and friends on Reddit, for better or worse, and this seems like people trying to exercise whatever agency they think they have in the face of large (and likely well funded) disinformation campaigns. Maybe it’ll bring people into the Fediverse! Hopefully we get the nice people though. :)

In case anyone is looking for an alternative: https://alternativeto.net/software/alternativeto/

But seriously, I’ve found the website rather valuable on many occasions. Nice to hear it’s fairly well respected too.

The first one is one of my favourite games and I’m really looking forward to playing this one! It’s too bad the PC version is exclusive to Epic.

I’m very excited for this laptop! Most likely it’ll be my next one.

Can’t the suggestions be disabled? Though it is kind of in poor taste that they have it there by default.

I actually like Pocket though, and I’ve been using it since before the Mozilla acquisition. It provides a nice way to keep track of articles I may not have time to read when I come across them. It also provides a “reader” interface similar to Firefox, so it strips out a lot of the extra stuff that appears on many articles. And it syncs with my Kobo, which is a bonus since I like reading on eInk. It’s one of the few cloud services I use, and I have at least a little bit of trust in Mozilla. I never even look at their suggestions since I only ever load it up to read “that article I didn’t get to last week”. I dunno, I guess I’m one of the 24 people who actually like it.

Nice! Sorry! I didn’t mean to be rude! That’s just one of my pet peeves. :)

I do appreciate the actual date being on the post though! Far too many blogs neglect the date entirely, and far too many use an annoying relative date (“written 3 days ago” or whatever).

Why are there so many blogs and articles that don’t link to the thing they write about? Is this what they’re referring to? https://lumina-desktop.org/

Reading another post about nuclear missiles reminded me of this webapp. Terrifying but interesting!

Great read and a very nicely formatted article too.

Zellij is also getting close to replacing tmux for me, just because the UI is more discoverable. They’ve also recently implemented attaching/detaching from a session.

I’m pretty stoked! It’s nice that Linux is finally good for gaming.

Amazing! I’ll definitely check it out next time I need to install Arch. Thanks for the info!

LSP implementations mostly seem to come with a VS Code plugin primarily, and only sometimes will reference how to use the LSP client in other editors. I mean, it makes sense in a way, since VS Code is sort of the flagship LSP client, and authors can’t exactly support every editor people might use. But I can’t help but see it as being free promotion for Microsoft and creating optics to new developers that VS Code is the best or only editor to use.

I see VSCodium a lot like Chromium. It’s open source with a permissive license, but at it’s core it’s still promoting the product and interests of companies that are bent on control. Last I tried VSCodium I had trouble running some plugins, since they seemed to require the official Microsoft release. Maybe there’s a way around that, but I wasn’t interested in putting in too much effort. :) And with Microsoft having closed sourced their new Python language server, it just leave a sour taste.

That said, LSP has been amazing!!! I get fairly good language support in Emacs for very little effort now! So that’s one good thing to come of this.

I just wish these companies were ok making a living with open protocols instead of using trickery and lock-in to maximize market capture… but that’s capitalism for ya.

I’m with you there! It’s actually not that hard to avoid Amazon products, at least directly (I’m sure may websites I visit use AWS though). I think the only thing I ordered off of Amazon in the last couple years was a part for my furnace because nobody in town had any stock at the time.

Maybe it’s just my perception, but I see a lot of young developers fully embracing things like AWS, VS Code, Chrome, etc. There’s a lot of history to show the dangers of proprietary lock-in, but it seems the younger folks either don’t know it, or think it’ll somehow be different this time around. MS is already releasing proprietary, VS Code only plugins, and it makes me sad to see so many open source projects recommend it as an editor. Very similar to your observation with S3.

I love that I get to write code for a living. I basically get paid for my hobby, and fortunately I works for a good small company that affords a lot of freedom. The industry as a whole is heading into a depressing direction though. I hope the pendulum swings back the other way soon!

Nice! It sounds like a think layer on top of standard Arch, which is great! I use EndeavourOS myself, but I’ll check this one out when I get a chance. I love how these Arch installers just give you a well configured system upon install, then just let you use Arch as normal. When I tried Manjaro a few years ago, I found it’s integration a bit too deep. Eventually I ran into a bunch of package conflicts between the standard Arch repo and the Manjaro repo. Ever since I switched to Antergos (now Endeavour) I haven’t had any issues. ArcoLinux sounds similar!

It makes me sad to see AWS continue to grow. I get that it’s cheap and easy, but it’s also proprietary with vendor lock in as far as I understand. I’m sure a lot of it is driven by middle managers chasing buzzwords and marketing though. If I’m wrong, please let me know, but I have a pretty low opinion of all of he proprietary cloud vendors.

Nice! I didn’t know that. Maybe even just a button to bring up the search syntax would be helpful.

It would be fun if participation required you to be randomly assigned to a particular side of a debate, like a debate team. You’d be forced to confront your own beliefs at times, but would also give a chance to practice your debate skills! I can see that sort of thing only being popular with people who enjoy the art of debate though. But it could be fun for a few sublemmys.

I think a way to search for new federated communities from your instance would be nice (unless I’m not seeing it in the UI). Pasting the community URL into the search works, but it’s a bit unintuitive. Perhaps a checkbox to search federated communities, or a dropdown of federated instances? Element for Matrix has an “Add a new server” option when you explore rooms, so something like that might work too. I guess I’m suggesting a little bit more of a discoverable UI.

I also think that this ticket here would be nice as well: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1540

Looks like just another re-relase cash grab. Maybe it’ll offer something compelling for a reasonable price, but I doubt it.

Though I did recently buy the Steam version of Chrono Trigger and I’m generally pretty happy. But that’s mostly because of Steam’s convenience and controller support. Emulating probably would have been just as good.

Rocket v0.5 Release Candidate - Rocket Web Framework
Looks like the general release is planned for June 18!

Go Canada! :)

This makes me happy! :) There are a few houses in my city that have gone all in on this and it's absolutely beautiful! We've started a big project at my house to do something similar as well. It's very exciting!