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  • You can cross post to different communities via the two double/overlapping squares that appear under the headline of your original post.

    1. Create and post original post in community A
    2. Go to your posting and click on the two overlapping squares under the headline of your original post. Title, text, body. will be automatically filled in.
    3. Choose community B in the drop down menu you want to cross post to and publish it.
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 for additional cross postings to other communities.

    There will be a remark and link to all cross posted posts/communities the same URL has been posted to.

    Hope, this helps :)

  • Vancouver Chinatown is the second (or third) oldest Chinatown in North America after San Francisco (and maybe Victoria). Beside of the Chinese community living there since generations, it is a popular tourist attraction and a unique neighbourhood its own character that you can’t find in Richmond (or anywhere else in VGA) in this form.

    IMO, it would be a shame to stamp out this uniqueness and replace it with the same style of glass and steel towers with the same style and look that you can find anywhere else. There are ways to build up and provide more living space, while retaining the character at street level if must be.

  • Personally I think, it should be generally ok to rip content of Reddit, but it should happen manually rather than via a bot.

    • Not everything that makes it to the top of a subreddit is quality content.
    • By manually picking and choosing what to repost here, it would give more control to the users of c/Vancouver on how to mold and grow their own community instead of just replicating what’s over there.

    We have the chance to create something new and distinct here in its vibe. A bot might hinder that.

  • Hi smorks, Thank you for lemmy.ca

    I’m still a bit confused by your above comment.

    To clarify:

    So, if I’m logged into my lemmy.ca account and would create a post with a picture on a different instance, e.g. lemmy.ml or Lemmy.world , it would be against the rules of lemmy.ca?

    And vice versa, if someone with an account on an instance that is known for banning criticism of certain governments, if they were to post such a post on lemmy.ca or lemmy.world , would still break the rules of their home instance and risk being banned there for something they’ve posted on a different instance that doesn’t have that rule?

    Does that mean, I would need a second account on a different instance that doesn’t have this/these particular rules when posting such content?

    Thank you 🙂