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  • I played for about two hours today. It’s fun, though not spectacular. Feels a lot like Destiny 2’s Gambit game mode (but no buttery-smooth announcer).

    I’m not too invested in the story personally. It seems like there’s a decent amount of depth here for those who are.

    The game really needs per-class tutorials, or at least in-game descriptions of class abilities. I’ve been paying as the grenade dude and I have no clue what exactly my RB ability does.

    There’s enough here to keep my interest for a few weekends at minimum. Glad to see it’s on Game Pass!

  • He was probably one of the best community managers for any company ever. He did a ton to connect Xbox as a brand with gamers, communicating as a two-way process and (seemingly) bringing about change with Xbox as a result of this process.

    Whereas most community managers start strong with a couple of good blog posts and a promise to “listen more”, Major Nelson actually kept this up… for the better part of two decades.