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  • Sound advice. During my first year of computer science, one of my professors told me that programming languages are just a tool to solve a problem. The logic to solve it is the key. Whether it’s Java, Python, Go, etc. If you don’t know how to tell the computer what to do, you can’t program anything in any language.

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    I like to think of instances as countries. Each instance has its own rules and culture, and that affects how the communities are moderated. For example, the instance is heavily moderated compared to Continuing with our example, the Technology community on will be moderated differently than the Technlology community on

    So each instance has its own reason for existing. Another example will be which is an 18+ instance. Basically, when you register in an instance, you become a citizen of that country.

    So in summary, each instance has its own rules, its own policies, its own culture, and the moderators of the community that is that instance are bound by them. So [email protected] is not the same as [email protected].