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Average height of Chinese men sees the biggest rise of nearly 9 cm over 35 years: report - Global Times
The report says the average height of 19-year-old Chinese males is 175.7 cm, and that of Chinese females is 163.5 cm.

This comment on GitHub perfectly captures the controversy surrounding CloudFlare

Snapzu com has an interesting tag feature.

True. I don’t want a noisy award section. Most of them are redundant. 3 tiers of awards would be the best

Gamification - Get perks for using Lemmy consecutively for days, weeks, months. For making or creating content everyday, etc.

Reminds me of mobile systems and apps giving the same reason.

Plain t shirts and skinny jeans

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/82127 > Along with the changes mentioned above, VLC for Android v3.4 includes the following improvements: > > Search a media > Play streams or playlists > More media info is displayed > Improved pagination > Improved cover synchronization > Performance improvements-

The DU photocopy shop was sued for photocopying chapters and sections from various books and compiling them into “sets” for students. Ultimately, in 2017, the publishers withdrew their case after authors and university officials came out in support of the photocopy shop

Imagine the backlash

Great point! Money speaks. Who wouldn’t mind saving some extra cash?

  • Transparent moderation and logs.
  • Racism should be banned.
  • Mods held accountable to the community.
  • Tags for posts so it is easy to search & jump to other communities
  • Awards to pay the servers and highlight great content.
  • Light Gamification of site