My user name was originally going to just be F4rt but adding emperor to user names to sound more impressive is all the rage now so here we are.

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Probably the New Democratic Party, being a social democrat and all.

“I’m not going to use Linux in the workplace because there are isn’t the software I need for it”

“We’re not going to port our software to Linux because no one uses it in the enterprise”

The cycle continues…

Wish they would implement support for OMEMO in XMPP as well but this is cool too.

Totally agree. It’s the exact same problem when you see everyone at the Linux Foundation using Macbooks. If you really believed in a platform you would make some attempt to use it yourself.

Misskey has too much going on. It’s very disorienting. A simplified version would be perfect.

I wonder if it will be able to communicate with the fediverse at all.

As far as I know the goal of Debian is not to attract the most users but a certain set of values.

The Debian Free Software Guidelines explicitly prohibits discrimination of the people who use their software regardless as to what their values are. They are writing software in the public interest which presumably means that they want the public to use it. Other than ensuring those who use the software are abiding by the license it’s licensed under there is nothing the project can do in terms of selecting who uses it.

If RMS is incompatible with these values

The values of free software? I think over the course of his entire life he’s demonstrated that he’s entirely committed.

Debian is political

I agree, but the only politics that really matter are those of computing freedom for all.

Isn’t that basically Soapbox-FE by Alex Gleason?

Plus at least this time it was just a university conducting an experiment. I’m sure there are more serious attempts at compromising kernel security by entities like the NSA.

Nice to see the people at Debian are finally smartening up. Why bother with these kinds of things when there’s nothing to be gained other than losing a portion of your users and developers.

Completely agree. Public/Private partnerships are a great deal for private companies at the expense of the public.

The more, the merrier as far as I’m concerned. Happy to have more people on the Fediverse.

“if the FSF doesn’t do something drastic to modernise itself, it’s going to be nothing more than a group of neck-beards discussing how evil proprietary software is.”

Wow way to completely shit on the legacy of Free Software. It’s not about who the message is coming from but the message itself.

RMS belongs at the FSF. For certain people to try and oust him for the asinine reasons that were given is unbelievable. Good to have you back Richard. 👏

I’ve used Tusky, Fedilab and Husky and the various web front ends. I think Husky maybe the best out of the clients though Fedilab is really good albeit a bit overwhelming. Honestly though I just use the web front end most of the time though.