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I prefer iD as well but it’s not suited for mobile. When out surveying both StreetComplete and OSM Go! are critical for me.

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I hope this gets a thorough review and reparations are made to those who have suffered. I hope the world takes notice and learns of these atrocities. And I hope this never happens again.

To start the discussion you may want to provide an explanation of the value you see in moving the community to lemmy.ca

Where is the NDP community coming from?

My contribution: ideally we see the NDP host their own instance of Lemmy in the future to encourage conversation and debate policy.

All fish? I haven’t seen the film but I had understood that some species were sustainably caught. What were some of the arguments made?

The RapiD editor can help automate the actual traces.

For addreses, I use iD to select multiple building traces along a street and update the street name part but wait until I can confirm the housenumber part via survey.

Some people import building traces from other sources. example