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https://simple.wikipedia.org/ is a good alternative sometimes and I’m glad it exists, but that’s almost the opposite problem.

It does seem like they make an effort, their style guide starts out with “Probably the hardest part of writing a Wikipedia article on a mathematical topic, and generally any Wikipedia article, is addressing a reader’s level of knowledge.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style/Mathematics

Could be worth making an extra effort if you're expecting a refund, especially with interest rates higher these days.

compensate Canadian media companies for republishing their content on their platforms

The linked article makes the policy sound halfway reasonable, it makes sense to me that republishing whole articles or large excerpts should involve compensation. But it seems like it’s way more insane and would perhaps even require Lemmy.ca to pay newspapers just for exactly something like this post: a link and a quote.