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Yup, basically this. Smaller communities are less toxic and also lemmy has no incentive for profit. Reddits literal main goal is to make you scroll as long as possible but lemmy’s only incentive is to create a good expirience. The security is nice aswell :)

Seems kind of useless in the first place. Not sure why reddit ever added it.

Its a little late for that. Games been dead for a while.

The joke is that trump supporters call everything, even things as unrelated as being gay, communism. Sorry if it isn’t funny fam.

I’m not an absent mod. There’s nothing that has been needed to be removed/modded. I am on lemmy all the time lmao.

If your interested, you should get a melodica. They are super cheap but useful!

/c/gaming for those who like gaming.
It's the lemmy version of r/gaming.