Edit: Everything seems too complicated, so I just went with this https://odysee.com/simplescreenrecorder-2023-09-03_11.02.17:a When you try to copy something, you copy something and then you paste it. This is fine, but I wish there was an app which would help me copy multiple items at different times and seamlessly help me paste it.

i.e., copy two things, press ctrl + v to paste the last thing you copied and press ctrl + shift + v to paste the last second thing you copied and so on.

I am pretty sure there are better ways to do this than what I am asking. So, I would be interested in those ways too.

you can’t only install kclipper that’s the app?

  • JCSpark
    11 months ago

    I use Diodon. I’ve set it up so that copy is CTRL+C, Paste is still CTRL+V, but what I call “Super Paste” is SUPER+V, showing a list of the last 20 items that were copied, including images.

    Great utility, especially paired with FlameShot.

    The only thing is that the Super Paste always pastes unformatted. Not a big deal, but something to consider.