Have you read some of the articles on math subjects? It’s like they’re written for mathematicians by mathematicians.

Even some mathematics concepts I have a decent grasp on … the corresponding wikipedia entry reads like an alien language.

  • Falken
    710 months ago

    At what baseline should contributors be writing articles or edits? Like 10th grade reading level?

    I always hear people appreciate brevity and clarity, but that seems a pretty tough task for certain subjects like the aforementioned math ones.

  • @[email protected]
    610 months ago

    For a complex topic, what would be a better alternative?

    Having a 1000000000 word article that contains all the alien language (jargon) and basic education needed to build up to the explanation?

    A short, simple, and completely wrong explanation?

    • @Stelus42
      310 months ago

      Thats what makes the wiki format so great. When I have no clue what a word means, it’s probably blue and I can just follow the link to find out. The problem arises when I’m 20 links in and realize “yeah maybe there’s a reason people have phd’s in this topic”.