• @corsicanguppy
    48 months ago

    It’s an American solution to a non-american problem.

    “Housing too expensive, like American healthcare? We’ll set you up with a one-time tax-free savings account like an American HSA, and then we don’t have to fix the problem that gets worse and worse year over year because it’s now a bootstraps problem and it’s all your problem, Skippy. Now step back so I can launch my yacht and get out to my bigger yacht.”

    • @[email protected]
      18 months ago

      It doesn’t even address the problem, which is demand being greater than supply. It actually contributes to the problem even more by driving up demand.

      • @corsicanguppy
        08 months ago

        That’s a very excellent point I didn’t even consider. So

        • suitbag banker sells more loans,
        • suitbag realtor squeezes more on the purchase,
        • newbs get blame and nothing else, and
        • the system has even More demand injected into it.

        It seems the only winners here are the suits. Again.