What I don’t understand is how these e cigarettes are accessible to youngsters compared to disallowing cigarettes.

I live in the UK, and I see young teens and people my age in 20s smoking these metal pipe cigarettes, isn’t it just tobacco in liquid form? Shouldn’t this be tightly controlled like regular cigarettes?

How the hell is this drug popular and marketable??

  • flubo@feddit.de
    25 days ago

    Dont know for UK, but here in Germany they sell two versions. One with nikotin and one with just flavored Vape. This one is of course allowed for teens and they love to vape and feel as cool smokers. When they become 18 (with 18 you are adult and allowed to smoke) they just go on with the nikotin variant. This company is so evil… Making teens psychologically addicted to then add nikotin.