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  • At a risk of downvote oblivion, this is what comes to mind to me. Keep in mind that this is just what I perceive about India through all the media I’ve consumed so it can come across as a bit prejudiced. I’m sure there’s more nuance.

    The good:

    • Amazing food, rich culture
    • Seemingly big into tech.
    • Very colorful.
    • People seem generally friendly.

    The bad:

    • So. Insanely. Chaotic.
    • Basic sanitation and infrastructure seem stuck a few decades ago.
    • Female emancipation is lacking as far as I can gather.
    • A lot of inequality in general.
    • The weather seems like hell to me.
    • Even though they’re big into tech, it comes across to me that the government and general population is still stuck in the mid 90’s regarding devices (pc’s etc, smartphones excluded).