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    Three financial institutions have voted to approve a merger and create a new credit union in Manitoba.

    The boards of Assiniboine Credit Union, Caisse Financial Group and Westoba Credit Union approved the merger on Wednesday after the online voting period, which started on June 6, closed.

    In order for the resolution to pass, more than two-thirds of the financial co-operative’s votes cast must be in favour of the change.

    The financial institutions are expected to merge on Jan. 1, 2025, after receiving all of the necessary approvals, the release said.

    Caisse Board Chair, Réal Déquier, said the merger will make the credit union “stronger and more sustainable” while honouring Caisse Financial Group’s Francophone roots.

    They will also be able to provide their members with competitive rates, fees, and innovative products and services “that only larger entities can offer,” he said.

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