People in Gatineau like to brag about how good it is over there, but use all of Ottawa’s services. You can’t suck and blow at the same time.

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    Many people in the National Capital Region live on one side of the Ottawa River but work on the other.

    The letter explained that providing care to patients outside Ontario has become difficult due to what it calls system-wide challenges including “obtaining referrals and results, inability to provide virtual care, lack of comprehensive and timely communication across provincial jurisdiction and reduced access to supports.”

    When they moved across the provincial border to Gatineau, they said they were told it wouldn’t be a problem to stay with the clinic, which makes Drapeau even more frustrated with their current situation.

    The CPSO policy states doctors can end the relationship with a patient for a number of reasons, including to reduce the size of the practice, but that it must do so in a way that is fair, transparent and compassionate, and consider each case independently.

    The spokesperson explained that to perform virtual care, a physician would have to comply with the licensing requirements of the jurisdiction where the patient is located.

    The letter the couple received outlined measures Bruyère is providing to help with patient transition, such as the supply of prescriptions and followup on outstanding test results.

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