There are organizations like Save a Family Plan where you can sponsor a family who is living in poverty overseas and help give them funds for education etc. Are there any organizations like this for Canadian families? I tried searching online but it kept showing results for how to sponsor one’s family to come to Canada (like to immigrate). Thanks.

I’m aware of the perils of microcredit so i’d rather not get involved with something where the person might have extortionate interest rates or there’s a loan to be paid, i am talking about microfinance where there is money directly given to the family in need and it is used to help make the family self sufficient.

  • JohnnyCanuck
    4 months ago

    Oh damn, I totally read your question wrong. I don’t know why looking back at it, but I thought you had asked for helping people specifically once they were here instead of before they got here. Sorry!

    You can search under the social services or public benefit categories on