A huge amount of not-caucasians, the caucasians who do ride are often old/disabled. Lots of students of all variety.

I think that the whole car culture is more integral to Caucasian culture, at least over here. I think immigrants r more okay to ride buses.

I was talking to a Japanese lady at a bus stop and she said that eventually she might buy a vehicle due to the transit here sucking compared to Japan.

I heard European pub buses is pretty good, at least compare to here.

I am from Europe and I bet there’s the same tendency here, but probably not as bad (from what I have heard).

It’s not only culture though, I think it’s mostly wealth. The money causes people to live in environments which either make the bus a necessity and a normality, while richer people are afraid and think it’s weird. Same with all public transport, only rich people think that it’s dangerous to see the occasional homeless person that talks weird or whatever, everyone else knows that they’re just part of the city and aren’t dangerous.


it’s mostly just wealth, as sexy_peach said. POC in North America are either recent immigrants, who don’t get much opportunity for work, have lower pay, etc., or have been systemically oppressed. since only those who can’t afford a car use the bus, it’s mostly poor people, who are mostly POC

Fuck Cars and everything that is and has been designed around and for cars over people.

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