• PeriodicallyPedantic
    1 month ago

    You’re right wrt personal preference. It’s just strange to me how seemingly all the neurodivergents but me hate overhead lighting 😭

    Floor lamps that are above head height are… Ok I guess, but that’s still mostly head-on. Light that is clearly cast down is so much more satisfying. Personal preference, of course.
    And to be clear I don’t have anything against mood lighting or accent lights, I like them… Just not only them.

    The impression I have (mainly from social media like tiktok and Lemmy) is that the desired lighting is head high and below which just… Puts me in a tailspin lol. Idk how people can live like that 🤣

    In my ideal room, there would be indirect overhead lighting that illuminated most of the ceiling to provide an indirect overhead area light, with a near-head level accent lights. I’ve looked into if I could use a short-throw projector onto the ceiling to provide some kind of crazy configurable overhead lighting, but they’re simply not meant for that kind of application