• Kinetix
    12 years ago

    Well, I would be loathed to give CF money or data, so since I own domains at a registrar that does “meh, OK” services, if I wasn’t running my own DNS servers I’d just go with them. I would most registrars would provide reasonable DNS services for nothing.

    I use Netfirms, btw, but that’s not necessarily a plug for them.

    • TmpodM
      02 years ago

      I see. Yeah, I haven’t had the greatest of experiences with my registrars when it comes to DNS (mainly slow updates and inability to add some types of records). Also, I don’t give CF money nor data really, I use just DNS, no proxying. The distributed nature of DNS makes CF less prone to getting data than it would be otherwise. Do you know any other service similar to CF’s DNS thing?