Marketplace investigation recorded technicians peeping on personal photos, browser history

  • @TemporaryBoyfriend
    106 months ago

    Also, wipe your hard drives before you throw out computers. Folks throw PCs out all the time in my office building, and I pick them up to refurb and ‘freecycle’ them. More than half the time, I’ll plug it in to see if it will boot it up, and the drives are still intact, and loaded up with personal data… Then I plug in my DBAN USB stick and wipe the drive(s) 3x.

    • @i_stole_ur_taco
      66 months ago

      I had an old Windows Phone I recycled years ago. It had nothing on it since I had migrated everything to Google a while earlier. Instead of wiping it, I dropped it at the recycling place in Vancouver.

      Imagine my surprise when I get an automated email 6 months later saying someone just tried logging into my Microsoft account on that device from Shenzhen, China.

      Wipe your shit, folks! It’s good advice inside and outside the bathroom.