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Attached: 1 image "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was just on, so it inspired me to ask #ChatGPT to write a poem about the #FreedomConvoy occupation of #Ottawa in the style of Dr. Seuss. I think it did a great job!

Can you eli5 how I can do this with no programming knowledge? Ddg instructions were too advanced

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News, events, discussions, and what not from Ottawa, Ontario.

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* All chatrooms are linked together. If you join one room your messages will be copied to the other platforms.

* Matrix is an open source and potentially distributed chat protocol. The matrix room listed is hosted on, a somewhat centralized hub for a lot of currently public rooms. Though the protocol itself is free, libre and open source, the deployment of the protocol resembles a centralized service. This may be fixed in the future with the deployment of independent servers.

* Be aware that both Telegram and Discord are centralized proprietary platforms and do not necessarily protect your rights nor privacy while simultaneously giving power to corporations.

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