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  • Failing to run the incumbent was the bad strategic move

    It was the end of Obama’s 2nd term, and he couldn’t run again. There was no incumbent.

    If you’re just thinking about getting a Democrat in the office? Biden was the play.

    Biden would have had the same chance in 2016 as Hillary. The entire reason Obama beat Hillary out in the 2008 primary was that people didn’t want another white Centrist. The reason Biden won in 2020 was because of Trump, not because he was a good choice. He barely won.

    run your incumbent in elections. The odds do, in fact, matter.

    Didn’t work out for Trump, since he was so unpopular. Biden is also basically there, he’s just less hated than Trump. But this time, a lot of people are going to sit out if they’re not invigorated (as they were invigorated against Trump in 2020).

    The actual odds

    It’s very convenient to wave your hand and make nebulous claims about the “actual odds” without any evidence. Polling is no longer mostly done via cold calls, it’s mostly internet surveys, or via services that have paid-to-participate groups that are easy to control for, demographically.

  • I got a laptop recently with an AMD GPU, and installed Ubuntu on it, and the first time round I got the AMD drivers working, but every boot the discrete GPU and the integrated GPU would change their device IDs (e.g. gpu1/ gpu2), so Steam would end up launching games on the integrated GPU half the time. I got frustrated and installed Windows, but found out that you can’t buy Win10 anymore, so got Win11 and hated it so much I went back to Ubuntu. Second time around, I found a thing for setting the GPU in the launch options by GPU name, and that has fixed it.

    Linux is not ready for average consumers if they have to install it themselves, but neither is Windows; most people buy a computer with the OS preinstalled, and never have to deal with driver setup; the Win11 install had a bunch of driver issues too.

    SteamDeck is such a huge revolution because it’s really the first time that a company has made preinstalled Linux machines available in a way that average consumers don’t have to go looking for or pay through the nose (cough System76 cough).

    If someone like Dell or Lenovo (or hey, even System76 or Framework) could get their laptops in-store at BestBuy, with everything pre-configured and ready-to-use, that would be Linux being “ready” for the average consumer.

  • But how could we realistically get to them? Biden says he is running and how’s that going to change?

    By making the larger conversation about “Biden needs to step aside”, rather than being half split between “we need to all align behind Biden”. There’s still 4 months, and the convention hasn’t happened.

    And man, how fucking sad would it be (even if it would be very American) for our first woman president to get there by an old white guy dying and she being the default replacement?

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    There’s a totally fair criticism that Windows is no more or less comprehensible or usable than e.g. Ubuntu, but familiarity is the differentiator. If someone is opposed to changing settings in a .conf file but not a .ini file, or fine with making registry changes but not service changes, it’s not an issue of usability or accessibility, it’s just familiarity.

  • Harris - if Biden steps aside right now, Harris would be the presumptive replacement without actually needing to wait until the convention.

    Buttigieg - already has national recognition and is a proven effective and persuasive speaker- he literally gets sent on Fox News to debate them because he’s so cogent and fast that none of their talking heads can beat him, and if Biden exits and it does go to an open, televised, convention, he would be well-positioned to invigorate the base

    Whitmer - less name recognition for her policies, she is a strong speaker, and doesn’t have the baggage that e.g. Newsom does (although to be fair it’s not Democratic baggage, it’s anti-California Republican rhetoric)

  • Your argument is literally to give up and sit on your hands and just hope and pray that no one notices we’re putting a senile individual into the most powerful job position in the world. Oh, and whatabout Reagan.

    Biden is one man and it is the Biden administration.

    The cabinet and administration are not there to Weekend at Bernie’s the President.

    And really let’s say you are right about Biden. Then we get to chose between two people in the same boat. One’s a dangerous narcissist and one is a good man.

    Who is no longer in full control of his faculties. Which is a horrible choice. You’re arguing against trying to make that choice something else.

    if there was a younger stellar dem candidate who could viable take on, ok then

    There are, but no matter who anyone says, you’ll write them off for one reason or another.

    This is not strategy or sound reasoning, it’s fecklessness. It’s fear of making the wrong choice, so you’d rather walk away from the trolley switch and wash your hands of it. When Biden loses, all the people arguing for him to stay in won’t actually have to take any responsibility for their part in Trump being back in office. I’m sure they’ll just find a way to blame everyone else- probably for “not being on-board” enough (which is exactly why Biden shouldn’t still be running- candidates are supposed to be who people want running).

  • I mean, yes? Just because it’s a precedent here doesn’t make it democratic.

    It’s literally a practice that denies or heavily suppresses having a healthy crop of new primary candidates to vote for, which makes the party much less responsive to voter sentiment changes.

    8 years is a LONG time, and yeah, a lot of people who felt that a candidate represented them 4 years ago may not feel they do anymore, and they still deserve the same chance to democratically decide who represents them.

    Without that happening in the primary, their only options are to get no say in their candidate, withhold their vote, or vote for another party, in the general election.