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If working with live wires, do the whole thing standing on a wooden stool. You must have a thick insulator between you and ground. You will probably touch a live wire at some point, and the size of shock you get depends on how well insulated you are from the ground, walls, and other objects around you.

Don’t bother wrapping wires around you.

If you connect the live to the earth wire, you will blow the fuse, and probably destroy the wires too. Then you’ll have to rip out the plaster to lay new wires.

This is not difficult if you are careful, not tired, and have good common sense.

Wrap the live in electrical tape first. Only unwrap it for the few seconds where you are putting it into its connector. That’s the only step you need to do carefully.

This is a straw-man argument. Nobody would ever (I hope) try to implement UBI that way. It would be a disaster.

But this is a general problem. Proponents and opponents of any thing, are usually talking about very different versions of the thing. If not, they have incompatible perspectives on the thing. I can explain more about this if you like - you really need to see examples to see why it’s important.

There aren’t really serious doubts about whether UBI would work, or what its effects are on society. But there are many misunderstandings about what UBI is.

I can axplain later about UBI if you like. But for now, what kind of revolution are you thinking of? What is the political goal of the anti-work people?

Are you talking about UBI? Or communism? Or something else?

But after UBI much more charity work will start being done. There will be a critical mass of people who have time and funds to build up their own communities.

I would keep doing the same job, but also some community work.

In a lot of the world people are car-dependent. So we must force manufacturers to stop making tyres that wear excessively fast. Which is easy for governments but difficult anyone else.

And reducing car-dependency obviously would be the longer term solution.

A big problem in cities. Is already known to cause serious diseases in humans, and the research is only beginning now. We don’t know anything about the effects on wildlife.

The second one is zoomed in, to make it look worse. Being able to see that there is solid ground on the left is important.

The example I know is where you take a random healthy man. Then you find five people who are waiting for different organ donations. Is it right to kill that man and harvest his organs, to save the five.

I find it a much more insightful example.

Will there be a “debate vegans” type sub? I still have so many questions, but don’t know where to ask.

On the other hand, electrolysis could be a good use of electricity supply peaks. There aren’t many others:

  • pumping water up dams and towers
  • mining bitcoin
  • charging batteries
  • anything else?

Very good article though. I learnt a lot.

“That’s a nice shirt” is generally taken as a sincere and high complement. Anything else at all will get funny looks.


Why is everybody posting screengrabs of websites, but no link to the actual website.
Example from the top of the frontpage right now https://lemmy.ml/post/345928 https://lemmy.ml/post/345928 https://lemmy.ml/post/345290 https://lemmy.ml/post/345883 https://lemmy.ml/post/345838

Try doing just one productive or creative thing every day off. Plan things to do in advance.

He doesn’t explain anything. It’s just assertions.

You can imagine why people might link unemployment to deflation, or for that matter a dozen other things. From what he says, it doesn’t sound like he has a deeper understanding than your average armchair economist.

Cannot log out of Lemmy
When I try to log out (using the top right menu) the page just refreshes. Sometimes it works if I log out then refresh, or restart the browser, or log out several times in a row; but not always. I am using Tor on Windows. Is it a known problem? Is there a known solution?