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Ask chatGPT… it will help you figure that out and install it

they hardly donated shit anyway… it was such a pittance… i spent a ton of money on amazon when I first got prime and used smile and out of thousands of dollars I think only like $5 was donated to the EFF

I guess that’s a good point. I have always liked FF better than Chrome anyway so I’m happy if they’re able to independently develop.

Good luck to them…until they can bully the rest of the verse into doing things they don’t want to do they’ll be pretty powerless. Could come with a sudden change if enough money is dumped into the right places.

i used to use Reddit Is Fun which had to change its name to RIF Is Fun because Reddit threatened to get the app kicked off all the app stores for having the Reddit name in the app

so petty

like all popular things it always panders to the lowest common denominator

that and the abject lawlessness of it all… some of the biggest losers hold power over much of Reddit and they indiscriminately shadow ban and outright ban people on a whim

they also selectively enforce rules as they continually make them up

and Conde Nast undoubtedly sells every bit of data people provide

Same. Back in the late 90s when including encryption in your software could land you in serious trouble, then was suddenly okay, the hairs on my neck stood up with the same suspicion.

so… it uses passkeys i assume… if you lose your device or change devices then you’re a new person right?

oh nice, that’s a great project!

i don’t go to reddit since i found lemmy… at least not to browse… for some reason it comes up in searches for things a lot these days, but most often i see reddit on here

i come to lemmy in spurts like i did with reddit… sometimes multiple times a day sometimes once every other day or so

yes n95

I’m usually the only one of one of a very few

even the pharmacists at cvs don’t wear masks anymore

everyone has completely given up since the gubmint says the pandemic is business as usual

Maybe the answer isn’t some governing body that dictates what is or isn’t acceptable. I don’t know what a good answer is and maybe there isn’t one, but giving an entity three power to censor the internet is antithetical to speech in general.

sounds like cogent is a shitty isp

Indeed. Come to think of it, what other country sanctions anyone that the US isn’t sanctioning? The effect would be so miniscule as to be laughable. But when the US rallies the minions it’s a devastating weapon against civilian populations.

The US is literally murdering Syrians right now with unending sanctions that have completely crippled them. Sanctions only hurt civilians. Also the US is occupying large swaths of Syria and stealing the oil from the oil fields.

What other country does shit like this?

A “useful idiot” is the term the US propaganda machine uses I believe

unprovoked invasion of ukraine… sigh i guess raising an extreme right-wing ultra-nationalist (read: nazi) army that slaughtered thousands of Ukrainians in regions where they didn’t accept the coming nazification of the country, and who were running referendums to join Russia, and then being prepped for application to NATO is not provocation at all.

I think it’s mainly reactionary. I think people feel the “western” world is so beyond corrupt that any leader that isn’t part of it can’t be all that bad.

They have to vilify the countries they haven’t dominated yet, or are about to dominate again. It’s part of how war works. Also the US wants the world’s resources on a silver platter and Russia has a LOT of resources.

My stomach turned in knots seeing this because I thought it was an actual ad on Lemmy.

payback to duckduckgo for all the tv ads

The ads are all about tracking though.

drugs… i would have been an insufferable lib if i’d never tried a drug in my life

I’d be willing to bet they did not know that