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drugs… i would have been an insufferable lib if i’d never tried a drug in my life

I’d be willing to bet they did not know that

We all knew it wasn’t going to just end with Pelosi visiting right? They’re going to get their war one way or another.

zlibrary and librarygenesis are good

and this along with choice other statements is why they killed him

ya… i wonder if its a tie-in to the playstation plus stuff for PC

what the? what are you referring to?

i can’t believe they haven’t already killed him the way things are going

Mint is super user-friendly. That doesn’t mean that it’s any less powerful if you’re looking to learn power-user/admin things though.

count me in. i almost made a mistake of having kids right out of high school and I’m so glad i didn’t

I’m not the type of person with the patience to be a parent