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Zumindest haben sie das ja tatsächlich exzellent hinbekommen, die Sache schon jetzt aus der Presse herauszuhalten.

Gut zu wissen, dass er darüber in Zukunft auf der Oppositionsbank träumen kann.

@LemmyDev@mastodon.social just told us that it is necessary that the admins of an instance whitelist other instances so that users are able to join their communities. Would you guys please whitelist the german leftist-instance lemmy.161.social? Maybe we can use this thread for other recommendations…

As for a database, https://www.themoviedb.org/ fits!? https://www.trakt.tv/ for scrobbling & collecting as they do it better and one of the various trakt-apps for mobile - I prefer https://www.moviebase.app/ which is awesome. A noncommercial replacement for Trakt would be awesome as they do not really listen to their customers. But as long as they provide their good API, I’m fine with it.

As I’ve never used WhatsApp I use Skype to stay in touch with my family. 10yrs later my sis recently found out that it supports VM, too. I wish she’d never found that feature. 😬

With its ‘aspects’ and hashtags, it’s much more a Google±replacement to me. I like it to get in touch with foreign people about similiar interests and topics - but I don’t think that it’s a good replacement for Facebook. Soapbox or maybe Friendica with little deductions.

Herzlich Willkommen!

Irgendwer muss den Anfang machen - und ich würde mich freuen, wenn wir uns etwa über Veranstaltungen oder nette Sports austauschen würden. Also zum Einstieg: Wer kommt woher?..

I wish someone would still take on the project. Unfortunately, at least for me in Edge and Opera, for example, the search no longer works at all. Unlike other interfaces, Cuckoo+'s implementation as a PWA works smoothly including push notifications. I would be really happy if someone, instead of building the hundredth Mastodon client, could fork it and bring it to life. Because this is a client that I really would like to recommend to the non-techie-friends to get into Mastodon. Besides tooot, which is just as great, but only available on mobile.