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  • It isnt pseudoscience, theres some papers out there on locked in syndrome and they have a system that is very good at reading thoughts with something like 75-85% accuracy. Requires very sophisticated and large equipment to use though, and it has to be trained on each person individually (through things like yes/no answers with blinks or focusing on saying one word, so its not some sort of thing that can just be automatically done, it requires a great deal of consent and concentration on part of the staff and the patient). Its very possible this could be downsized and made more available in the decades to come, its still in the early phases.

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    Its just ok. Its mostly just hanging out in a park and is super commercialized. If you’re a little more socially outgoing, go around and talk to people and try to make friends. Easier at a bar. Unfortunately, some people got handsy with me at a gay bar before so I’m not a big fan of it anymore. I’ve gone to pride basically every year since coming out, sans the covid ones where they stopped hosting it for a while.

  • the west punishes queer people just as much as russia in many places. china is basically neutral, though the largest cities, particularly shanghai, have a lot of trans resources. communists support progressive historical forces, you cannot have progress under imperialism, and many right wing and queerphobic countries are in a struggle against imperialism, of which often imposed these queerphobic ideas on them. i assume you’re an anarchist and trans, right? you need to get your head out of your ass and stop attacking other trans people that agree with you on 99.9% of things.

    Hexbear users don’t think any differently, in fact they’re worse than average, they just don’t say that part out loud.

    this is just fucking absurd. straight up lies.