I used to run links.dartboard.social, but decided it was too much work for a single user instance.

I microblog at @[email protected].

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  • This is cool to see. I tried my hand at running an instance most of last year but threw in the towel this past January. It was just me and 1-2 other active users and none of this software is wide spread enough to have a good solid support community. I really appreciate the people out there dedicating their time and other resources to making this work. (Truthfully, I didn’t put a ton of thought into how and where I was hosting my instance before inviting others to sign up, which is on me, and I think is what ultimately came back to haunt me down the line - my GoToSocial instance is much healthier, for example)

  • That is an MS Teams Room system in the conference room, it runs Windows IOT. Whoever manages those rooms should have set the working hours of the room so it didn’t apply this update during business hours. By default the system updates at 2 or 2:30 AM, I forget… so might be a weird MS bug or someone fudged up a config

    Source - installed a lot of these a few years ago.

  • One of the biggest reasons I switched was of all the MS telemetry bullshit. That and I don’t know if I ever legally paid for a copy of Windows and I was tired of playing the key gen / cracked ISO game.

    I’ve used Debian flavors of Linux for servers before so switching to it as my full time desktop OS was not hard. That, and, I don’t really use my desktop for stuff that uncommon. Most of the stuff I need I can get out of the box from the software center.