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    Really, all you need is a small tractor to lift the steer after you’ve skinned it and to drop the gut. Skin the animal on the ground and roll it from side to side to get it all off, split the chest and cut out the anus, start lifting at the rear legs with chains through the achilles tendon, and pull the anus through, then as you lift more you can free the gut from the backbone and gravity will pull the gut down as you get higher.

    Let it all fall on the skin, pull out the bits of organs you want or can feed the dog, and you have the carcass hanging now. Split with a sawsall and a long demolition blade. Make yourself a handhold between the fifth and sixth rib, then cut through the spine and breastbone above the 6th rib.

    Leave as much fat on the inside of the cavity as possible so the tenderloin and brisket don’t dry out when hanging. Try to hang it at 2-4C for a couple weeks.

  • Absolutely strip it down; this is a problem with the window installation. Water damage is a failure from the inside out, you need to screw up every layer of protection, not just the outer one. There should be an envelope that’s sealed around that window with housewrap, blueskin and caulking, then metal flashings that direct any water down the outside of that envelope, then proper siding installation to keep most of the water from touching the flashings.